[Lesbos] Verfahren gegen die Moria35

Alle aktuellen Infos zum Fall der Moria35 findet ihr hier.


Im Juli 2017 kam es zur Verhaftung von 35 Personen (nach Hautfarbe und Nationalität) nach einem friedlichen, großen Protest im Lager Moria auf Lesbos (Griechenland) auf den es gewalttätige Angriffe durch die Polizei gab; seitdem sitzen die Angeklagten im Gefängnis. Ihnen drohen jeweils 10 Jahre Haft und Entzug allen asylrechtlichen Schutzes. Es gibt aktuell eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne vom Legal Center Lesbos mit der Geld für Anwälte zur Unterstützung der Betroffenen gesammelt werden soll.

Ein bewegendes Video über den Protest und die Verhaftung der 35 Personen, sowie Statements von Unterstützer*innen und Anwält*innen findet ihr hier: https://theintercept.com/2017/08/09/asylum-seekers-face-police-violence-lesbos-greece-moria-camp/

Einen Presse-Artikel von uns zum Fall der Moria35 findet ihr hier.

Mehr aktuelle Infos gibts auf dem Blog und hier: https://www.facebook.com/freemoria35/

Im Folgenden dokumentieren wir den Aufruf des Legal Center Lesbos:

Help Legal Centre Lesbos Crowdfund to Secure Justice for the Moria 35

Legal Centre Lesbos is urgently raising funds to provide effective legal defence for Refugees facing criminal charges following a peaceful protest in Moria Detention camp on Lesvos, Greece. Help them defend their human rights.

About the campaign

On 18 July 2017, police violently raided the overcrowded open-air Moria Detention camp on the island of Lesbos in Greece, arbitrarily arresting 35 individuals – the vast majority of African-origin or descent.  This, in response to a peaceful protest earlier that day by Refugees of all nationalities for freedom of movement and against inhumane camp conditions, which was also met by police brutality, outside the EU Asylum Office. Many of those arrested were not even present at the protest.

To highlight the seriousness of this case and the extent of police violence, Amnesty International have called on Greek authorities to immediately investigate excessive use of force amounting to possible torture.  An investigation has now been opened into dangerous bodily harm committed by unknown police officers.

The Moria 35 each face criminal charges which may lead to up to 10 years in prison, exclusion to the right to international protection and deportation to countries they fled.

Who are Legal Centre Lesbos and how can we all help?

Legal Centre Lesbos works on the expertise of a small International and Greek team of professionals and volunteer international lawyers and law students.  Hosted in the Mosaik Refugee Support centre in Lesbos, we provide free Refugee legal support.  We are not government funded and every resource goes towards those at the heart of our project.

Having represented 34 of the 35 defendants at their initial hearings, Legal Centre Lesbos led the creation of a criminal defence team of Greek lawyers, continues to represent six defendants, and is now helping to coordinate the work of the criminal defense team. The trial is expected for early 2018.  We are urgently raising funds to cover the costs of legal representation, associated administrative and court fees and a team of independent trial observers to ensure international oversight and accountability in this highly politicised trial.

With limited time remaining we must urgently raise £10,000 to help achieve justice for the Moria 35.

Please consider donating to help us achieve the target.
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