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[Hernals6] Solidaritätserklärung mit den inhaftierten Hernals6 in Wien (Österreich)

We from the “You cant evict solidarity”-solidarity-campaign declare our solidarity with the imprisoned and accused Hernals6 in Vienna and demand their release!

From the lager Moria on Lesbos to the deportation prison Hernalser Gürtel in Vienna, people on the move are resisting the racist and inhuman EU-border-regime and its system of deportation and imprisonment. We stand in solidarity with the six people from Hernalser Gürtel that set their cell in fire in September 2018 to protest against their deportation. As the Austrian governments and medias repressive answer is accusation and imprisonment of the protesters in the prison in Vienna, we will not let ourselves be intimidated and call to support the accused in the upcoming trial and resist the inhuman EU-border-regime.

Our passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!

More Infos on the case on https://freepazhernals6.noblogs.org.

[Röszke11] Kommt Ahmed H. bald frei?

Im Januar erreicht uns die Nachricht, dass Ahmed H., die letzte Person der Röszke 11 die noch in Haft in Budapest war, nach dreieinhalb Jahren Haft endlich freigelassen werden soll. Über die anstehende Freilassung hat Amnesty International Ungarn einen Artikel geschrieben (s.u.). Es zeigt sich, dass die ungarische Regierung über die Freilassung nicht sehr erfreut ist. Es gibt auch keine Fortschritte bei der Freilassung und Ahmed ist weiter in Haft. Sobald es mehr Informationen zu seiner aktuellen Situation gibt und er tatsächlich frei ist, werden wir hier darüber berichten. Free Ahmed H.!

Artikel von Amnesty International Ungarn (https://www.amnesty.eu/news/hungary-release-of-syrian-man-wrongly-convicted-of-terrorism-an-overwhelming-relief/?utm_source=ECRE+Newsletters&utm_campaign=58311b223a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_22_12_40&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3ec9497afd-58311b223a-422315073):

Hungary: Release of Syrian man wrongly convicted of terrorism, an “overwhelming relief”

• Spokesperson available on the groundAhead of tomorrow’s early release of Ahmed H, a Syrian man who was unfairly jailed for “complicity in an act of terror” during clashes with police at the Serbia-Hungary border in September 2015, Eda Seyhan, Amnesty International’s Europe Counter Terrorism Campaigner, said:“After spending three-and-a-half years behind bars, Ahmed will finally be reunited with his wife and two young daughters. His release is an overwhelming relief for the family, but the fact is he should never have been prosecuted, let alone convicted, for this offence in the first place.

“The absurd charges against Ahmed were emblematic of the systematic scapegoating of refugees and migrants, and those seeking to defend them. His prosecution was a potent symbol of Prime Minister Orbán’s ‘illiberal democracy’. It had nothing to do with justice but was instead part of the Hungarian government’s draconian crackdown on human rights.

“By blatantly misusing terrorism-related provisions and riding roughshod over the law in their treatment of Ahmed, the Hungarian authorities showed they will stop at nothing to demonize refugees and migrants.”

Ahmed is expected to fly back to Cyprus to be reunited with his family soon after his release.

Photos and footage available are here (will be updated after his return to Cyprus) https://adam.amnesty.org/asset-bank/images/assetbox/02b445c9-8e7b-4be0-a31e-7411960c79d6/assetbox.html

For more information or to arrange an interview on the ground contact Aron Demeter demeter.aron@amnesty.hu or +36 709401043 or stefan.simanowitz@amnesty.org / +447936766445 or +44 2030365599
In August 2015, Ahmed left his family home in Cyprus to go and help his elderly parents and six other family members flee Syria and find safety in Europe. One month later, they found themselves among hundreds of refugees stranded at the Hungarian border after police fenced off the crossing with Serbia.

Clashes broke out as some refugees attempted to get through. Hungary’s police responded with tear gas and water cannon, injuring dozens. Some people threw stones, including Ahmed. But news footage also clearly shows Ahmed using a megaphone to call on both sides to remain calm before the clashes.

For this, a Hungarian court found him guilty of involvement in an “act of terror”, under Hungary’s extremely vague counter-terrorism laws, and sentenced him to 10 years in prison, later reduced to 7 years and then 5 with eligibility for early release.

[Ungarn] Verurteilung von Ahmad H. der Röszke11 zu 10 Jahren Haft

Free Ahmed H. !!!! Free the Röszke eleven !

15318020_723586894456863_3954764851038209681_n budapest222

Nachdem Ahmed H. im September 2015 an der Serbisch-Ungarischen Grenze an Protesten teilgenommen hatte, wurde er willkürlich aus der Menge heraus festgenommen. Gegen ihn und die anderen festgenommenen 10 Personen der #Röszke11 begannen Show-Prozesse zur Machtdemonstration und Abschreckung der Festung Europa. Ahmed H. , dessen einziges Ziel es ist, für sich und seine Familie Sicherheit zu finden, wurde heute zu 10 Jahren Haft wegen “Terrorismus” verurteilt.

Gleichzeitig fanden Solidaritätsaktionen in Szeged (Ungarn) vor dem Gerichtsgebäude statt, in Kiel eine Kletteraktion und am 4.12. eine Demonstration in Budapest mit über 250 Teilnehmenden.

Nieder mit der Festung Europa! +++ Freiheit für Ahmed und alle anderen ihrer Bewegungsfreiheit beraubten Flüchtenden! +++ Ob in Lagern, Hot Spots, Detention Centers oder Gefängnissen!

Amnesty International berichtete:

Mehr Infos zur Kampagne für die Freiheit der Röszke11: