[Thessaloniki] Trial against Orfanotrofeio squatters: All found NOT GUILTY!

Today the third and final date of the trial against the squatters of the Orfanotrofeio-squat took place in Thessaloniki.

All 5 accused (one member of Orfanotrofeio and 4 internationals) were
found not guilty.

This was based on the fact that the wittness represanting the assembly
of Orfanotrofeio squat testifird that the Orfnaotrofeio member on trial
was not part of the initial group that squatted the place and she joined
later. Also, that the 4 internaltionals – participants in the NoBorder
camp, just slept in the squat the night before the eviction.

The accused member of Orfanotrofeio and the witness took full
responsibility for all the actions of the squat and the acrivities
inside it and defended politically Orfanotroeio. The fact that 10 months
after the demolition, the Greek church (temporary owner of the place)
has not done anything there. played its role in the courts decision.

The more than 100 comrades attending the trial started shouting slogans
when the decisdion was announced and then they held a demo towards the
center of Thessaloniki, in solidarity to migrants and the squats
threatened with eviction.